Products and Services

We manufacture, supply and repair a wide range of products including:

We have 10 different sewing machines to handle a full range of fabrication and repair requirements.
Our range of sewing machines vary from lightweight through to heavyweight, and include a zig-zag machine for sail repairs, and also fireproof thread on another machine for sewing up high temperature insulation covers.

Covermarq also has a 6kw High Frequency Welder to provide waterproof non-sewn joins in all the PVC covers. This machine fuses PVC together so that we can join any number of widths together to make large watertight covers. This gives a neat, almost invisible join in our PVC covers.

We stock a large range of fabrics and fittings, such as;

We also stock fire retardant fabrics, such as; PVC, sunshade mesh, clear PVC and canvas.